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Content may be king, but the audience is the power behind the throne. That's the dichotomy of publishing, the two headed hydra every publisher must tame. One the one hand, you need great content to keep the audience interested. On the other hand, you need to attract talented content creators to feed the audience's appetite for more, more, more great content.

If you don't have great content out front and center all the time, your audience will lose interest. That means recruiting talent. But who has time for that, when you're so busy marketing content, and keeping the platform running like a well oiled machine?

WE DO.   As a matter of fact, we can help you with marketing that content, and keeping that platform well oiled, too...

All-In-One Toolsets

We've combined everything you need to get your business or marketing campaign humming, all in one neat package!

An Awesome Web Presence:

Deluxe Web Hosting

Easy Website BuilderĀ®

Wordpress & Other Free Software

Whether you have our talented, experienced designers build a killer website for you, or you opt to do-it-yourself using our Easy Website Builder, our Deluxe Web Hosting package (included with our toolsets) has everything you need to build an awesome web presence! Including email, including 150 GB of storage space, 1,500 GB bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Plus, we include Wordpress, Yourls, & lots of other software useful to any outreach effort at no extra charge!

Get The Word Out:

Search Engine Visibility

Express Email MarketingĀ®

Google, Facebook, & Bing Ad Credits

Everything you need to get noticed! Use our Search Engine Visibility tool to submit your site to Google & other search engines & optimize your position in search results. Our Express Email Outreach Marketing tool is ideal for legal, spam free email outreach, newsletters, & fundraising with built in layout & database tools. It even helps you post to social networks! Plus, to get the ball rolling, we'll cover the cost of your initial ad budget with $200 in advertising credits!

Data Security:

SSL Certificate

SiteLock Malware Scanner

Online Cloud Storage

Data Security is extremely important, especially when you're performing financial transactions, and in particular to any organization or individual who is engaging in politics, where one's opponents may stoop to dirty tricks, like hacking. That's why our toolsets include full 128-bit encryption SSL certificates to protect your customer & supporter data, SiteLock malware scanning to prevent your website from being infected with viruses & malware, and secure Online Cloud Storage, for easy backup & access to your most important, mission critical data.

Plus, Buy Our Products & Services At Wholesale:

Authorized Reseller Account

What business doesn't need more sources of revenue? That's why our toolsets include an Authorized Reseller account, allowing you to buy our products & services at a discount for resale. We take care of everything. You get a pre-built, turn-key reseller website, and we handle payment processing, customer service, business reports, the works.

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Our Ethical Client Policy
Please note: Netrooted is a proudly progressive company, and we are very selective about the clients we work with. We reserve the right to refuse to work with companies, organizations, campaigns, and individuals whose objectives we consider to be incompatible with our own. In general, Netrooted works with businesses which demonstrate a commitment to progressive business practices and good works to benefit their workers, and society at large. If your business already has a positive track record of progressive policies, or if you'd like to cahnge your company into a more progressive business, please feel free to contact us.