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Creation is an act of sheer will, that requires both artistic talent, & technical skill.

Our Current Creative Opportunites

We are a proudly progressive, forward thinking company focused on a triple bottom line: to provide for our team, to foster progress & good works in society at large, and to build a strong, thriving, socially conscious company.

Currently we are looking for freelance writers for progressive news publications.

East coast based, US citizen bloggers with early morning availability & excellent English writing skills needed.

The successful candidate will:

* ...have their finger on the pulse of breaking news in the early mornings on a daily basis.
* able to write up at least 2 articles of at least 300 words per morning based on the morning's news.
* tech savvy and experienced in working in wordpress based news sites, requiring minimal training.
* active on social media, and understand the importance of spending time promoting their work.
* ...not be afraid to reach out to influencers, readers, and sources by any and all means available, principally Twitter.
* a motivated self starter who doesn't need to hear the whip crack or feel the spurs to get busy.
* ...posess at least basic image manipulation skills (cropping, resizing, super-imposing, contrast, color balancing, etc.).
* close attention to detail, while also working quickly, and efficiently.
* ...have a progressive point of view.

Compensation: Writers are paid a generous revenue share based on the performance of their product.

To apply send your resume with contact information, and a recent published sample of work if possible, via the link below.